"At first I was skeptical, as most men are with dreadlocks, but after being disappointed with other products I decided to give it a try.  I was surprised to find that it left my hair and scalp not only clean and refreshed, but the clean feeling lasted and did so without the drying effect or product buildup like other products I used before."

-Darnell W.  

THE Owner & Co-Owner

Both Michael and Melissa Baker are graduates of University of Phoenix.  We are a small family whose only wish is to let other hair naturalist know that we understand the struggles and anxiety associated with so many product choices.  Our company, "Baker's Natural Hair Care Solutions," derived from  the willingness to help others who are struggling with hair care products that are not  working for their hair type.

Marie's #1 Choice 

history of
Marie's #1 Choice


Born and raised in Southeastern Louisiana, the owners/operators of the family ran Marie's #1 Choice hair care product and t-shirt slogan line was created in West Feliciana Parish in 2015.  Melissa Baker (the owner)started growing her  natural  hair using the transitioning process  in 2012.  As Melissa transitioned her permed hair into its natural state, she begun to watch inspirational YouTube channels as well as utilizing  various hair care products in retail stores and online.  Over time Melissa became a "product junkie".  Melissa's husband, Michael, made a suggestion to stick with a few products that will work for her hair.  The process was frustrating, and  Melissa could simply not find the right product for her hair type.  Frustrated and ready to quit, Melissa started researching "All Natural" ingredients that when combined would give her the result she wanted.  After a lot of failed attempts, Melissa finally found the perfect combination that gave her hair and scalp the perfect feeling of being clean without dryness, and the desired curl pattern that all Natural Hair enthusiast seek.